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Writing is one of the only sane forms of achieving self-liberation -Tetsekela Adanaya Michael Anyiam-Osigwe

And thus I write,
The role of society in man’s lifestyle has finally dawned on me as a spiritualistic phenomenon. Michael understands, unlike the whole society and knows that it could never transform into a materialistic dominion. He understands, like his father, that cohesion is key. Theism, Spiritualism and utter reference to True Genius are fundamental to man’s earthly life.


Anyiam-Osigwe, as I would now use as reference to both father and son, asserts the divinity of True Genius and His imperative role in Divine Protection; God the Father, God the son, the Messiah, and God the Holy Spirit, the comforter. Anyiam-Osigwe knows that the mind is man’s greatest gift: the ability to know, to think, to comprehend, to analyse, to understand, to conceptualise. It is through the mind that self-mastery is understood and realised. It is through the spiritual dimension of the mind, the phenomenon that the Supreme Being has granted us so generously, that we begin to understand the uncertainty of who we are and what we are, why we are here and what we are here for, how we got here and where we go from here, when we leave here, why we leave here.They implore us to understand that God knows all; He is true Genius. Therefore, until He reveals it to those He deems worthy, only those like Anyiam-Osigwe who have transcended into the spiritual realm and have attained Divine Divinity are all knowing, those who have been granted the mastery of the mind. The rest of us are all ignorant, we are the spiritually uneducated, the religiously ill informed, the unknowledgeable mortal entity.

Anyiam-Osigwe asserted that personality outlives death. He understands the fundamentality of a value conduct life. To walk in the pathway of God, giving all to Him, whilst knowing that He owns all is the essential essentiality. Values, to him, constitute the basis of the moral and the spiritual development of man. Whilst understanding the workings of morality and moral conduct, we must put God first. Anyiam-Osigwe, the son, asserted that We are because He is, I am because He is.

Life is a complex complexity, an indescribable phenomenon, and is yet the most fundamental aspect of who we are. What is most significant is that we live it, yet it is still largely unknown to us.

Anyiam-Osigwe, like his father, knew that family and the core, integral value system it is characterised by, together with the realisation of the unified entity was a necessary necessity, in order to sustain Anyiam-Osigwe, the father’s vision and spearhead the mission.

The Group Mind is thus imperative. It requires of us to exist as a unit family, practice and live in all truthfulness and honesty in the totality of our existence and enhance the sum total of output form the sweat of the brow by the collectiveness of attributes and potentialities. It is to this end that we must acknowledge the fundamental fact that collectivism is vital to our sustenance. The interest and needs must be intermingled. Thus, the sum total of everyone’s position and concern is actualised, whilst the fundamental needs and interests of each respective individual within the unit, though actualised collectively, is still to be preserved within the Group.

We are the manifestation of the Glory of God; He who was, who is and is still to come. Anyiam-Osigwe wants us to remember the ideals and value systems which constituted the basis of his character: character which is driven by his evident strive for a holistic approach to human existence and development, a mirror to his father’s own.

It has been realised that there is an apparent relationship between man and the society in which he dwells. Where man depends on his fellow man, in the same way, there is a continuous development of societal influence on man and societal dependency among men. He understands the fundamentality of his contribution to the world at large. Thus, one asserts the principle of “ man’s input to output”
The constant strive to better ourselves, with the perception that perfection can be attained through the constant betterment of one’s self and his society has made for a changing world order.

Anyiam-Osigwe held firm to this maxim; Man must strive to develop his society. The concept of the Cosmopolitician, which I believe Anyiam-Osigwe, both father and son, are, becomes the resultant theory, which finds its basis as that maxim. Anyiam-Osigwe, the son, the Cosmopolitician, therefore insists on the integration of different ideas, concepts, beliefs, traditions, and cultures, both in man’s daily lifestyle to his socio-cultural and economic community life. We must never relent on our efforts to better ourselves, our country and the world at large.

He also propounds the essentiality of a no-nonsense approach to leadership, whilst continuously sacrificing for the rest of the community. Where he succeeds and others fail, his success succumbs to irrelevancy, and he too fails. Thus, to him, it is imperative that we understand and grasp the concept of communal or co-operative governance. The collective need of everyone is our prime concern, our top priority. He knows that this can only be achieved through God and fervent prayer. He thus lays emphasis on the significance of prayers.

There are a plurality of men in this world: man who knows, man who thinks he knows, man who wants to know, man who does not know and man who does not care to know. There is also man who knows and implements, man who knows and does not implement, man who implements but still does not know, and man who wants to be that man that knows. His Excellency, the Honourable, the Perfect Gentleman, Nze, Igwe, Michael Anyiam-Osigwe is an extraordinary form of man.

Anyiam-Osigwe transcended. His ascent, though unprecedented, is gradually accepted with faith and firm belief in the Supreme One; God the father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. The way he lived his life now dictates how we start to live ours. Values, family-guided principles are fundamental in achieving one with God and proving the avenue for a better world order. The embodiment of the purest hue: White means Sanctity, Sanctity means Divinity, Divinity means Holiness, Holiness means one with God.

Conjuring up strength at this impossible moment is rather fitting, impossible itself. Nonetheless, Anyiam-Osigwe demands of us this fearlessness and courage, knowing full well that we are undoubtedly going to endure moments of weakness, doubt and overwhelming sadness, all along with a question of our faith, the very thing that underscores the reason for our earthly existence.
Anyiam-Osigwe’s presence, though not physically visible, is spiritually dominant in our lives. The secrets of the world, the premise accounting for the back drop of our existence, is now common knowledge to Anyiam-Osigwe.

Anyiam-Osigwe, both father and son, are Great Thinkers, agents for socio-political and economic transformations, continuously expanding the frontiers of the possible for the good of human kind and the sustainability of the world we live in. Anyiam-Osigwe, the son, was and still is, dedicated to the development of Africa as the greater continent. This aim was paramount in defining why his Nigerian and larger African identity was fundamental in the way he lived his life.
The father’s philosophy on the meta-materialisation of the Human Essence was also prevalent in the son’s own postulations about our existence and life as a two-dimensionality, in the sense that it is an entity with two distinct realms, which requires of us to both materialise and de-materialise. In Anyiam-Osigwe’s construct, man must manifest in the material in order to be in the world, but to ensure that he is not of the world, man’s conception of consciousness and indeed existence must be de-materialised in order for the human essence, the fundamental identity, to meta-materialise. Fundamentally, we are to live in this world and to do so we must adopt, to an extent, the materialistic nature of this world in order to live the life fit for this world. Nevertheless, we must be vigilant enough in order to disallow such capitalism and consumerism from enveloping our reason for existence, in order for us not to be clouded so much so that we forget the “Higher Order”. Again, self-mastery is key for man and his relationship with his society and the world at large, and even after he no longer lives his earthly life.

It is evident among humanity, that death has been so much perverted in thought and its definition. For humanity, there is a constant war between rationalism and theism, where theism is both religion and spiritualism, all encompassing. Our reason and experience will sometimes preventing us from constructing thought processes in an unblemished line towards religious and holistic principle. What happened to Anyiam-Osigwe, the son, is a transcendency, an experience beyond the norm and physicality, beyond our primary intellectuality. This, more than anything else, must be an integral element of our understanding of the why.
Anyiam-Osigwe, his humble self, is joyous in the knowledge of True Greatness. He remains uncorrupted by riches and position, allowing himself to achieve self-mastery, being true to the value-guided principles of honesty, integrity, fairness, justice, oneness and peace which equals compassion in totality. In effect, his earthly sojourn, his human experience was entrenched with a Divine Essence. The actualisation or realisation of spiritual eclecticism for him, allowed for the attainment of nobility in value system, emanating from all worldly religions and those of traditional Africa. Thus, to him also, traditions with modernity were and are imperative for man and his society.

Again, the question of who we are, what we are, why we are, how we are, where we are; the probes surrounding our being; our humanity is a perplexity, a complex complexity. Over time, in truth, earthly life will continue, with Michael being everlastingly present, but perhaps, physically absent. Earthly attachments, belongings, become non-existent, non-entities. We begin to search for the ‘higher Meaning’. We are all on a level playing field; those whose life live and is of this world would essentially fail to grasp. The human psyche, for some has its limitation. We must strive to be servants of god and Students of Truth. Anyiam-Osigwe both assert that man is a manifestation of divine intelligence. There is, therefore, a potential purity and perfection in the human essence.

For this reason, man must transcend his temporal (worldly) capacity in order to accelerate his mental ability, so that he understands and appreciates existence and its purpose at a level far above the mundane, the normal simplicity in which most of us have become accustomed to. Otherwise, we are left in a society where existence is arcane.

Michael, a tireless worker, hardworking, diligent, consistent, persistent, even to an extent of perfection, is yet still his most humble self. Anyiam-Osigwe strived to achieve all things good and he did so remarkably. He would not wholly accept these acknowledgements, asserting that he is doing what is expected from him. However, he must now accept the exceptionality and extraordinariness of his being.

An extraordinary form of man, Anyiam-Osigwe is also a businessman, however still upholding the fundamentals of ethical values and morality in his endeavours in the commercial community. In this regard, Anyiam-Osigwe avers that there must be a confluence of the spiritual, moral and economic. For Anyiam-Osigwe, he too believes that there is an intrinsic relationship between the spiritual well being of man and his material well being, which should therefore dictate how we achieve our economic prosperity.

In Anyiam-Osigwe’s construct, there thus is a need for cohesion between the businessman and the philosopher. Both personalities, these lines of thought, must be parallel in order to achieve the collective objective. Habitually, Anyiam-Osigwe lays emphasis on the need to bcognisant of the principalship of the family; the need for collectivism, collective efforts, and the realisation of the group’s aim must be paramount in our unit- The doctrine of Group Mind Principle.

Again, we must remember he transcended, his earthly sojourn manifested or metamorphorsised into his heavenly dwelling. The totality of our existence; our human essence; who we are, are fundamentally welded in our thoughts, the tangible invisibility, which motivates nearly all of man’s creative action.
The cosmos is our visible universe. How it is and what we think of it is a paradox. Society becoming increasingly perverted and the new idea of the norm allows for a challenge for humanity, man kind. What we see today cannot serve as a paradigm for our tomorrow. Knowledge, wisdom, understanding, all distinct in nature and practice, must be part of what we strive to attain in order to ascertain the enigma of the why. In this regard, we must read more to know more, as Anyiam-Osigwe did. In the same way, we must write more to understand more.

The three parts of the self: the mind, the body and the spirit, must be in a state of purity all at once in a man’s life. We are all a divine and perfect idea of His creation. As God has blessed us, we must extend our blessings. We must give back to our society. While remembering who we are, we must put equal emphasis on the imperatival nature of where we come from. Anyiam-Osigwe, still the son, underscored the relevance of our seven hundred years of recorded history and counting. Anyiam-Osigwe, and the entire Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe entity come from a generation of Lords. Our legacy must therefore be preserved. This is a necessary necessity.

The Spirit of service to others, as elucidated by Anyiam-Osigwe, the father, is an innate attribute of our humanity, which resides in each one of us. The grace of wealth is not to be solely utilised for personal aggrandisement. Instead, it should allow us to be channels through which divinity flow. This is pivotal in our spiritual aspiration to cultivate, in Anyiam-Osigwe’s words, a daily connection to the sacred mystery that validates our status as manifestations of divine intelligence.
In every one of us, there is a powerful spiritual being; the metaphysical. Only the privileged of us are gifted with such power. With all that has happened, it is of utmost importance to look to an elevated state, away from normality, to critically understand our reality.

These words I write are just morsels of Michael Anyiam-Osigwe’s doctrine, his teachings, as best as I can understand them for now.