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Policy Position and Mission Statement

The Osigwe Anyiam- Osigwe Foundation is an autonomous entity that is not affiliated to any interest group, political party or movement or to any religious organization or society. Essentially it is a people- oriented organization that is focused on a broad range of human development issues. It seeks to gather related data and information and to disseminate same with a view to promoting a studied and practical set of thinking and behavior that ensure sustained human development at all levels and in all spheres. To this end, the Foundation is committed to the promotion of socially edifying interaction between policy and the wider public, aimed at articulating a composite approach to human existence and development. Specifically, it will:

1. Critique, elucidate and disseminate the universal teachings and principles adopted by Chief Anyiam- Osigwe as an ” Approach to Existence“,

2. Propagate truth, honesty, integrity and discipline as intrinsic aspects of a democratic society;

3. Promote family and religious values as pre- requisites for fostering a better society;

4. Stimulate and sponsor research on a broad range of issues aimed at spiritual upliftment, poverty alleviation, harnessing human resources ( creating employment) and promoting democratic governance, social justice, individual and press freedom, independence of the rule of law;

5. Create a congenial forum period healthy interaction and exchange of views between diverse religious and other philosophical schools of thought concerned with man’s spiritual well- being as a mean off promoting tolerance and understanding among adherents of different faith and schools of thought concerned with man’s spiritual well-being as a mean of promoting tolerance and understanding among adherents of different faith and schools of thought;

6. Advance the cause of learning, research and creativity in diverse academic discipline and other spheres of knowledge, vocation and occupation through the award of scholarships and grants and the endowment of professional chairs;

7. Provide a forum for regular and result-oriented interaction and debate on various aspects of human existence and development, with a view to enhancing public awareness and expanding the frontiers of the possible; thus broadening our capabilities and impacting positively on public policy and human experience at large;

8. Provide financial and other support for the less privileged and helpless especially in the areas of nutrition, Medicare and educations;

9. Enhance poverty alleviation through the encouragement of economic self- reliance efforts and women empowerment initiatives;

10. Enhance and promote the arts as a means of preserving and holding our cultural heritage and harnessing creative talents;

11. Stimulate and sponsor research on the curative properties of plants and herbs.