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Message from the foundation

One Group Mind: Harnessing the Moral Consciousness of the People

At this time, the whole world is confronted with an unprecedented pandemic that demands our human capacity to care for one another and our consciousness of the moral imperative to do our individual part for our community’s well-being. We are called to be members of a community in which the interest of our community takes precedence over our own individual interest – sacrificing our daily routines and our inclination to move freely. Whilst this remains vital to the interest and well-being of the community, it also serves the interests of our own personal health.

Perhaps now more than ever, we are guided by the knowledge and understanding that the well-being of one of us is best assured or guaranteed by the well-being and survival of the other. Also, that the survival and well-being of the other is integrated in the well-being, survival and preservation of the whole. When this perspective constitutes the nexus of the mindset of each person, it establishes the Group Mind. This is how we must operate. The resulting force generated from the combining of like minds in this way is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts. In other words, when our minds are focused together upon a common objective, we create a mutual force, which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than that of any individual or group of individuals. As the sum total of every one’s positions and concerns, the Group Mind has now become a necessary synthesis in which the defining elements of the fundamental interest of the respective participants is preserved in the resultant Commonweal, whose legitimacy and mutuality is subscribed to by all.

Our present reality has shown us that if it affects one of us, it affects all of us. Be your brothers and your sisters’ keeper by taking care of yourself and following the guidelines. Intuit into this Group Mind Consciousness. Your health is intertwined with that of each and everyone around you. Your sense of what to do at this time is not just about conduct and behavior, it bears a metaphysical existence in the consciousness of we, as a people. Love was taught even at the family level as a community construct. It is the thrust of its moral content that demands that the whole community organise itself to care for all its members.

At this time, there are strict laws being put in place. For most of us, the hope is that our moral compass is premised on a conscious inclination to conform to that which is right. For Anyiam-Osigwe, the law is an extension of the moral precepts. It assumes that some of us will deliberately veer off the moral imperative in the way we respond to the present reality. This is true. Our community was founded and should function on the higher moral imperative, but necessarily, the law has a subtle existential import in the consciousness and psyche of the people. It is here to give strength and authority to the moral ethos. We should do our best to accept and obey it, not just for our well-being, but also for every member of our society.

Our present reality is not an impossible one. It is difficult. It is a global challenge unlike we have ever experienced. Yet, it is also one that rests on us, as human beings, to strive to operate on this Group Mind. Our humanity is not simply embedded in our individual person. It is something we owe to each other as members of a community whose interests are equally and fully served in the commonweal. This mindset should constitute an essential integral of social action. We have seen that the effort and disposition of each individual will undoubtedly benefit the collective interest of society, which in turn will enhance the personal interest and welfare of individual members of the society. This consciousness should guide our entire social system.

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Factors that can enhance the spread of COVID-19

A lot of people don't yet understand the concept and practice of #SocialDistancing so people are walking around like nothing is happening, are still shaking hands and congregating and clustering around ``maisuya and mai kwose`` without spacing out from each other.
- Many especially those in rural communities, peri- urban areas or slums still think it's not a reality or that it's a big man's disease since it's mainly brought to Nigeria by those who travel.
- Awareness around #COVID19 and its mode of transmission is very low even within urban areas and even cities like Abuja, let alone remote and outlying areas
- Our open markets are packed and even the supermarkets are as full, so social distancing is still challenge to practice
- Due to loss of daily income, from the Governments’ directive for reduced movement and self isolating, citizens who rely on daily income for their daily sustenance will be gravely impacted as they cant stockpile food. This will also lead to increased crime rate.
- NCDC is overwhelmed by calls from frantic Nigerians who want to get tested or be given directions on what they need to do

Nigeria currently has less than 400 icu beds and 500 ventilators across the 36 states.
- Punch newspaper,
cumulative data from

Intervention for communities all over Africa

Early Preparedness will reduce the spread and casualty of this pandemic.
Bayelsa has not recorded any reports yet but the state and communities must be ready for any instances
➔ Level 1: Make accessible preventive tools and products
like: hand sanitizers, soap, water, face masks, disposable
gloves, test kits
➔ Level 2: Make available dry food packs that can feed
small families who can not afford to sustain themselves
because of a lack in daily income from self isolating. Food
packs range from N5000 and will last approx 2 weeks.

Anyiam Osigwe Foundation strategy and response to Covid-19 pandemic

The whole world is having to run against time on this COVID19 The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Africa has major infrastructure issues in the healthcare and Humanitarian sectors

Having managed different interventions and community projects in several countries for over 2 decades, we employ a multi layered team led approach to each situation. This approach makes our intervention quick and impactful.

Our general strategy is broken down into steps. These steps are handled by teams made up partners, and friends. The teams work in synergy with one another sharing information and updates to ensure our goals are met efficiently.

Grassroots awareness & Strategy:-

Communication within community


Specified fund raising: -

For medical infrastructure support

Fund-raising: -

For poverty activation of food supplies in rural communities

Field Operations : -

This team provides visibility and real time updates on the operational flow of the whole project. This insight is valuable in helping us measure the effectiveness and synergy of the intervention. They also ensure direct communication with the public and communities we serve, by providing important engagement, education and feedback. Whilst ensuring, efficient distribution of aid.

Giving no matter how small can help stop the spread of COVID-19