Activities of The Foundation

Anyiam-Osigwe in the course of his earthly sojourn, sought to unveil the human essence, which he expresses in the Three Constituents of Existence hypothesis. The foundation, dedicated to a broader impart of his ideas, thoughts, principles and teachings is committed to his numerous contributions to sustainable human development as reflected in the public spirited programs he initiated, such as:

The west Africa Academy of Science("Truth Seekers")

Founded in 1947. The Academy was a network “truth seekers dedicated to the study of Man as a Manifestation of Divine Intelligence.

Rural Economic Empowerment Schemes

In line with chief Anyiam-Osigwe`s desire for improved standard of living and a stronger economy in the rural communities, the Foundation has continued with his various rural communities’ economic empowerment projects, Through the Nkwere chamber of commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture, the Rural Enterprises Promotion Scheme, the Cooperative, Thrift and Investment Union and the Home Trust community Bank, all institutions founded by Anyiam-Osigwe for the primary purpose of fostering rural peoples’ economic empowerment. Consequently, the Rural Enterprises Promotion Scheme has been merged with the Cooperative, Thrift and Investment Union are designed to fund individuals or groups for the enhancement of their economic growth and development. These schemes are targeted at the peasantry and the artisans whom he organized into cooperative and thrift societies.

The Mission for democracy in Africa Project

An initiative he commenced for the purpose of evangelizing democracy in Africa. It is dedicated to imparting the principles and values of true democracy on the entire African citizenry. The nexus of the MDA Agenda is to nurture our people towards imbibing the culture of good citizenship and proper electoral conduct. It forecloses Anyiam-Osigwe’s concept that sustainable democracy in Africa is only attainable if Africans have an exhaustive appreciation of the cannons of genuine democracy.

Philanthropic Initiatives

He responded in various ways to the daily problems that afflict his close associates and all others whose plights came to his knowledge. He gave with a deep sense of humility, committed to his averment that the left hand must not know when the right hand offers an assistance.

We continue to give attention to a number of bids for assistance from Nigerians in need. Beneficiaries include private individuals, welfare homes, charity organizations, various rehabilitation centers, educational institutions, hospitals and subsidiary health centers, religious bodies, etc. This is in consonance with the expressed perspective of Emmanuel Onyechere Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe, on giving selflessly and unadvertised to the glory of the supreme.

The programs of the foundation are a continuum of these activities in conformity with his postulation on Man As a Manifestation of Divine Intelligence; and whose essence he positions in his concept of a Holistic Approach To Human Existence and Development.

Osigwe Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation

A holistic approach to Human existence and Development

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