his paper adopts the basic tenets of Anyam-Osigwe’s holistic philosophy to examine the problems embedded in Niger-Delta’s post-amnesty programme and events. The Niger Delta area of Nigeria was a major boiling cauldron that threatened the nation’s peace, security, unity and sustenance until the militants from the region accepted the Federal Government’s conditions for post-amnesty. Up till that point, the gains of the nation were marred and it experienced plummeting local and international recognition and exacerbating economy, which added to its many problems that were compounded by high level institutional corruption and decadent leadership structure. Though the offer of amnesty constitutes a great step in achieving national development and promoting human rights, the modes of integrating the militants have been fraught with problems and irregularities. Thus, this paper contends that the defects of the Nigerian post-amnesty programme and some other methods of addressing insurgence in the Niger Delta region could fuel a resurgence of the conflict in the area, leading ultimately to negative consequences relative to the Nigerian State. As such, the paper advocates that giving adequate consideration to Osigwe’s holistic philosophy to human existence may create lasting peace in the region and other parts of the Nigerian State.

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