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In conformity with the philosophical nexus of the West Africa Academy of Science, we have commenced a study group composed of votaries of truth and apostolic minds. The study group is dedicated to exploring new frontiers of knowledge by subjecting all existing theories, beliefs, and postulations to further analysis and thereby, opening up new dimensions to Man's perception of the objective and the subjective, the concrete and the abstract, or consolidating on extant infallible intellectual synthesis.

  • Members will be encouraged to re-examine existing concepts and in the process, evolve new vistas of contemplation, elevating man to a new realm of thought and knowledge; offer him new challenges, and opportunities.
  • There will be quarterly paper presentation sessions on subject areas researched and developed by voluntary members.
  • Members will be required to explore the vast terrain of knowledge, evolve research into sensitive and incisive topical subjects with the challenge of generating new puzzles and resolving existing ones.
  • Through these intellectual odysseys, the Alliance will stimulate new thought processes on the broad spectrum of existence or affirm the infallibility of extant submissions on subjects of discourse.
  • A publication of the various researched and delivered papers in the quarterly sessions will be circulated each year for the broad benefit of the social system in consonance with our commitment to the emergence of a Better World Order.

The Master Minds Alliance is designed to sustain the Anyiam-Osigwe's perspective that in the course of human development, ideas must be continuously subjected to further reflection, introspection, and analysis for a sustained re-evaluation of all thoughts and Being.

In his sojourn in the earth plane, he subjected all aspects of existence to further dialectical observations and derived his concept on Existence and Development there from. He avers that some of the present valid submissions and theories when subjected to further re-examination may not be able to sustain their relevance, hitherto. Equally, some theories and postulations considered obsolete could upon further analysis and in the face of new realities in the social system, assume a new dimension of fundamental relevance and absolute existence.

He encouraged man to explore the world of forms or the realm of Absolute Ideas, and all Divinity by enacting his moments of introspection and mental withdrawal from the temporal world. He affirms that by such withdrawal, man unlocks the bound between the material and the abstract and gain insight into the Divine plain.

Our expectation is that the annual publication of the Master Minds Alliance will open new chapters in human evolution and development. Deriving from this perspective, the published work is designed so that all truth seekers, leaders and policy makers in the social, political and economic arenas, Captains of Industry, Mentors, Opinion Molders, Policy Formulators and the people in general can benefit from the fountain of knowledge that the Alliance will unlock and unravel through its daily studies, explorations, and her other routine activities.

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This extraordinary and remarkable man served Nigeria and the world he lived in as a philosopher, philanthropist and businessman (1921-1998) and he identified himself as a student of truth and a grateful servant of God. Read More

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